Family tradition of agricultural production, top-quality wine and extra virgin olive oil

Back in 1960, with an honest effort and a great desire to produce quality products, Gašpar and Foška Dobravac embarked on an adventure and started producing agricultural goods and offering their tourist services. They passed their love for the land and plants down to their son Damir who in 1994 took over the agricultural section and completely modernized it, while his wife Natalina took charge of the tourist offer. Their children, daughter Carla and son Matej, are also involved in the family business, thus creating and expanding the family treasure of unique quality.

Top-qualiy wine and extra virgin olive oil

In addition to agricultural production on good quality Istrian land, family Dobravac, with its olive groves and vineyards, started to produce bottled wine and extra virgin olive oil "Ol" in 2008. The family wine cellar contains six varieties of high-quality wines: Suite, Sonata, Simphony, Allegro, Toccata and Fuga. As the estate developed and the offer was refined, family Dobravac received many acknowledgements and awards for their wines, including a whole range of medals (from bronze to gold) at Vinistra, wine and wine making equipment exhibition, as well as other awards won at local events. Apart from this, their oil was included in "Flos Olei", a guide to the world's best extra virgin olive oils, published by the leading expert Marco Oreggia from Italy.

Natural products and comfortable accommodation in Rovinj

In addition to agricultural production and natural growing of fruit and vegetables, top-quality wines and extra virgin olive oils, family Dobravac also offers unique accommodation in Rovinj with a view of the old city core and of the Adriatic sea. The synergy between these services ensures that guests enjoy this oasis of peace in the immediate proximity to the city centre while taking part in wine and food tastings as well as discovering top-class gastronomic offer. With a long-standing tradition, an exceptional effort, a desire and will to continuously advance, not to mention the implementation of new knowledge and technologies as well as great kindness and hospitality, family Dobravac welcomes every guest and offers them a memorable experience.