Rovinj and the surrounding area

Until the 18th century, the town of Rovinj was called Mons Albanus, had thick walls and seven town gates. Within the old town center, in a cramped space, between narrow stone streets and little town squares, numerous cultural monuments were built. At the end of the 18th century the canal was filled up thus allowing the town to expand beyond its walls. In 1963, the town was declared a cultural monument for the uniqueness of the town center.

Old town's monuments tell interesting stories

The main street Grisia, whose colours leave every tourist speechless, leads from the Balbi's Arch to the St. Euphemia's church. Walking through the old town centre is indeed a unique and unforgettable experience. In addition to the above mentioned two sights, the town of Rovinj abounds in religious buildings like the Franciscan monastery, the Roman church of the Holy Trinity, the church of Our Lady of Grace, the church of St. Benedict, the church of St. Cross, the chapel of St. Thomas the Apostle, the chapel of Lady of Health, the church of St. Barthol, the church of St. Christopher, the church of St. Thomas and the church of St. Damian. Some of the churches have remained only as a part of historical sights and remains of a certain period in time, tradition, religion and culture. Rovinj is rich not only in religious but also in worldly sights like the town walls and gates, palaces and cultural monuments.

Natural beauties and crystal clear sea are the best choice for a holiday

Visitors and tourists can take part in plenty of interesting activities and events in Rovinj, while unique natural beauties and the crystal clear Adriatic sea with its amazing beaches are responsible for a distinct experience and a dream vacation. The famous forest park and green oasis Zlatni rt in the vicinity of the old town is filled with pine and other trees as well as with numerous beaches. Rovinj is also famous for the only ornithological park in Istria. Besides birds, visitors can see what the Istrian underwater world looks like in the aquarium with its over 100-year long tradition. Every tourist with their accommodation in Rovinj booked, can find sights and attractions that will make a dream vacation.