The long Rovinj's coast with a number of islands, islets and cliffs are a true paradise for tourists who wish to spend their vacation on beautiful beaches and crystal clear Adriatic sea. Everyday diversity on numerous beaches ensure you have a great and unique time there.

Porton Biondi
– a diverse concrete, pebble and grass beach perfect for relaxation and pleasure. In addition to swimming, tourists can enjoy sports and water activities as well as the gastronomic offer, and the most beautiful part of the beach overlooks the old town core.

Baluota beach
– Located at the very heart of the town centre, at the foot of the St. Euphemia's statue, the beach is ideal for those who choose to soak up the sun and enjoy the sea lying on cosy stone plates. The beach is the local population's first choice, and it is an excellent location for a night swim.

Zlatni rt (Punta Corrente)
– A pebble and stone-paved beach in a protected forest park bearing the same name which is special because of its greenery and unique flora imported from various parts of the world. For those of you who have a special liking for natural shade and lying on a deck chair by the sea, Zlatni rt is the right choice.

Lone Bay
– Lone Bay is situated in the park Zlatni rt, and is special for its small pebbles and beautiful natural shade which make it ideal for families with children. Apart from swimming and enjoying a beautiful view of the town centre, you can enrich the time you spend on the beach with sports activities and water sports as well as with bar refreshments.

Kuvi Bay
– There is a hidden Kuvi beach surrounded by Mediterranean pine forest three kilometres away from the centre of Rovinj and is accessible by car. You can also walk or ride a bicycle along the trail by the sea. Shade, clear water and small beach pebbles accompanied by entertaining sports activities and gastronomic offer make the beach an idyllic place for families with kids.

Cisterna Beach
– It is located in the bay of the same name which comes from an old Roman cistern, the remains of which are still visible today, thus making this beach one of the most beautiful and crowded beaches in Rovinj. It is a so called "wild beach", offers no additional facilities or other content, which makes it attractive for tourists who wish to spend their vacation surrounded by unique nature while swimming in the sea with white sandy bottom.

Rovinj and its surrounding area with the lush islands abound in many diverse beaches and hidden bays allowing every tourist to choose what they like best and spend their holidays surrounded by unique nature with a rich offer and entertaining activities. Apart from the above mentioned beaches there are also other beaches waiting for their new swimmers every summer: Amarin, Valdaliso, Borik Val de Lesso, Monte Molini, Balsamke, Polari, Veštar and the beaches on the islands of Maškin, Katarina and St. Andrew.