Quality Istrian wines from the family’s cellar

The sun-drenched quality Istrian land ensures an exceptional enological treat, which every wine lover can enjoy a drop of. The tasteful divine drink will complete every gastronomic delicacy and provide a unique experience of fused flavours.

Family vineyards offer unique flavours

From the grapes of the west Istrian winegrowing hillsides, with special care and love of the Dobravac family, alongside expertise and experience and the latest technology and equipment, there comes a quality and tasteful drink rich in aroma, which will leave every guest breathless providing a sense of tradition which has been passed on for generations. The family wine cellar contains nine labels of high-quality wines: Suite, Sonata, Sonata Riserva, Simminor, Simfonija, Allegro, Toccata, Gašpar and Fuga, which you can taste on your journey around the Istrian peninsula. The mentioned wines are the holders of many honours and awards, from which the palette of medals from Vinistra, the exhibition of wines and winemaking equipment, stand out, while the family happily holds the title of a prominent producer of the famous Istrian wine Malvasia.

Relax with a glass of top-quality wine

For your visit to the Istrian peninsular and Rovinj to be complete, visit the Dobravac family estate and with a superb offer of natural produce taste the wines of fruity, floral or spicy notes, whose freshness and drinkability fuse with the flavours of meat and fish specialities, as well as chocolate delights. Choose a wine, check out our gastronomic recommendation and enjoy the unique flavours.
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  • The cellar of the Dobravac family contains nine labels of quality wines.