Allegro 2015

This exceptional quality predicate wine is adorned with a beautiful colour of caramel and is clear and very thick. The wine has a pronounced intensity of aroma of very fine quality. On the nose the first note is dominated by meadow honey, then follows a note of apricot and candied fruit, then a note of pear jam and quince compote. The wine is sweet, warm and soft and is beautifully rounded with partial freshness and very tasty. It has a full body and is beautifully balanced, whilst the intensive taste is pronounced and lasts in the mouth. The aftertaste is dominated by a note crème brûlée.

Ageing potential
This Muscat can under good storage conditions last 6-7 years.
Allegro 2012 Yellow Muscat
Vintage 2015
Location South - West
Sort Yellow-Muscat 100%
Alcohol 12, Vol%
Gastronomic recommendation
The wine is ideally suited to chocolate desserts made with chocolate with a minimal 75% cocoa mass like a chocolate cake with maple sirup and hazelnuts.
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  • The cellar of the Dobravac family contains six labels of quality wines.