Fuga 2019

This Teran has a lovely ruby red colour with small light edges and is clear and thick. The intenseness of the aroma is pronounced, whilst the aroma is fine and pleasant. On the nose the opening note is vanilla, jam from wild berries and cherries, then comes a note of dark chocolate mixed with a hint of cedar and then finally a note of cloves and cinnamon. The wine is dry, warm, partially soft, pleasantly fresh, fine tannins and fine minerality. It has a strong body, it is well-balanced, has a pronounced intensity of taste, fine quality, is ready and harmonious. Before tasting the wine should be decanted and then served in a large Bordeaux glass.

Ageing potential
This elegant Istrian Teran with good storage conditions can be stored for at least 7-8 years.
Fuga 2019 Istrian Teran
Vintage 2019
Location South - West
Sort Teran 100%
Alcohol 13,5 Vol%
Gastronomic recommendation
The wine is ideally suited to dishes of red meat and tuna steaks.
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  • The cellar of the Dobravac family contains nine labels of quality wines.