Sonata 2021

This Malvasia is adorned with a beautiful, straw-yellow colour with a greenish edge. The wine is crystal clear and thick, and its aroma is pleasant, fine and elegant. The aroma is dominated by citrus fruits such as the peel of lemon and lim. In a second burst there comes acacia flower, almonds, williams pear and at the end vineyard peach. The wine is dry, partially warm and soft, pleasant and drinkable with a solid freshness and beautiful minerality and a full body. It is well-balanced, with a pronounced intensity of taste, long lasting, fine quality, ready and harmonious.

Ageing potential
This Malvasia will in the correct storage conditions last 2-3 years without problems.
Sonata 2021 Istrian Malvasia
Vintage 2021
Location South - West
Sort Istrian Malvasia 100%
Alcohol 13,5 Vol%
Gastronomic recommendation
The wine is ideally suited to grilled sea delicacies, such as fish, shellfish and squid, and also goes excellently with Istrian prosciutto ham.
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